Decolonizing Creativity

Reconnecting to the land, ourselves, and each other.

An online community for members of Deer Crossing The Art Farm.

This is a moderated on-line space for Art Farm members to gather, share, and dialogue about the practice of Decolonizing Creativity. If you would like to join us here, become a member at

About Us

The Art Farm is a non-profit arts organization that holds space for the mess of creativity.

Why do we get messy?

We get messy because we want to challenge our investment in order, control, and hierarchy. We get messy because we want to slow down, listen, and connect with each other. We get messy because that’s how we hear the land speaking to us. We get messy because making art is messy and decolonizing is messy - and they both help each other! That's why we call our practice Decolonizing Creativity.

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